These are Some Causes Of Remote Air Conditioners That Are Damaged

Damage can certainly happen to the air conditioner you use at home. there are various damages that could happen there. If the damage is quite difficult to handle alone, then the services of air conditioner servicing singapore will really help you.

One of the most common damage is damage to the remote air conditioner. There are several causes of the damage.

– Air conditioner sensor exposed to water
It is expected to remain calm, now try to grab or remove the sensor by unplugging the connecting socket. Then wipe the sensor eye using a dry tissue, or can also use a hair dryer to make the drying process faster.

– Damaged on air conditioner Sensors
The damaged AC sensor is due to a broken on IC (Integrated Circuit). Also can be caused by the age of the sensor is long, so the response to capture the signal from the remote was also reduced. It can also cause the air conditioner to turn off and turn on.