Definition of Family Therapy

Family therapy in Oklahoma City is a therapeutic model that aims to change the pattern of family interaction so that it can fix the problems in the family. Family therapy comes from the observation that the problems that exist in individual therapy have consequences and social context. For example, clients who show improvement during individual therapy may be disrupted again after returning to their family. According to the early theory of psychopathology, the family environment and parent-child interaction are the causes of maladaptive behavior.

Research on family therapy began in the 1950s by an anthropologist named Gregory Bateson who examined the pattern of communication in a family of schizophrenic patients in Palo Alto, California. This study produced two concepts of therapy and family pathology, namely:

– The double bind
In family therapy, the appearance of the disorder occurs when one member improves but the rest of the family prevents it from stabilizing.

– Family homeostasis
How families keep their stability when threatened.