Things that might happen during the Ayahuasca “trip”

When people are consuming ayahuasca tea, the psychedelic effect of the plant can be quite overwhelming. Expect that the plant will not be suitable for everybody, but it does help those who are ready to follow the instructions of the experts before they’re consuming the tea for their own good. Nevertheless, the stories from the people who have undergone the “trip” under the hallucination which can be caused by the plant’s effect can be quite astounding to be heard. In the meantime, you can visit to find a trusted ayahuasca healing center in Peru.

Most stories that have been told are telling about some kind of a journey to an unknown place with unfamiliar reality. It’s almost as if you’re inside of another world, which is everything doesn’t make sense, yet you still feel a lingering sensation of familiarity at the same time. Many people have testified about the meetings with their own psychological problems in their true forms, and the journey can be quite scary. However, for those who are ready to do the treatment seriously, the result is said to be very satisfying.