Transporting your items to the new house

Prepare the Room for Packing. Use the corner of your room to pack the goods. Do not pack items on mattresses, because your small items will be easy to tuck. Prepare a pile of empty boxes, duct tape, double tape, scissors, newspaper, and rope. Do not underestimate the above equipment. In the meantime, you may visit so you can hire a great removal team.

Next, do not Incorrectly Put the Goods into the Cardboard
Many think that heavy items are inserted into large cardboard boxes.

Do you think the same thing?

That’s actually quite wrong.

It’s totally wrong.

On the contrary, insert heavy items into small cardboard boxes. And insert light items into large cardboard boxes.


Because if you put heavy items into large cardboard boxes and piled them up.

It is likely that the cardboard will be broken when moved. And if the cardboard is broken, it will definitely slow down the process of moving your home.

Conversely, if heavy items are inserted into small boxes, then surely you will not stack your heavy items into this box.

Because it does not fit also into the small box. As a result, cardboard will be more easily moved, because the possibility of cardboard will be reduced have drastically reduced.