The proper materials for your pool fence

The material used as the main structure of the fence may vary, ranging from wood, vinyl, and aluminum. However, you need to adjust to the contours of the land on which the fence will be erected. Not only that, you also must see the suitability of this fence in the future with the surrounding environment. So in choosing materials, make sure the material is able to complement with the surrounding environment. If you live in a residential/urban area, the aluminum fence is certainly more recommended because it is stronger and safer, especially for the glass fencing around a pool.

However, if you live in a rural environment or environment that is close to nature (rice fields, mountains, beaches, rivers, etc.), you should use a wooden fence because it can more complement with the surrounding conditions.

If you’ve noticed some of the points above, it’s time to move to the planning stage. Plan with details of type, type, or pool fence model like what you want to build around the pool.