Maintaining your phone so it’ll last for years

You need to know how to take care of your smartphones to last for years. Like living creatures, smartphones also need to be kept as good as possible. Well, how do I take care of the right Android smartphone? In the meantime, don’t forget to check out wtb phone as well.

Here are tips for you that are distinguished on some different sectors of the smartphone component:


First, in terms of body. Make sure you always protect it with a leather case or flip case. The case is the most important thing to protect your smartphone body. This is because the case is able to protect the phone from scratches and impacts that may damage your phone. The point is, of course, to avoid scratches or strong lashes thoroughly. In addition to treating and minimizing the possibility of falling, you can also take care of your favorite Android smartphone by cleaning the entire body regularly with cloth and special cleaning fluid.

System / Software

When installing an app, adjust it to the needs and specifications of the smartphone. Because if you install applications or games too much beyond capacity, that’s why the smartphone performance slows down. In addition, you also must be careful of free applications that may be infected with malware or viruses. To prevent smartphone virus infected, you can install a special trusted Android antivirus application.


Some smartphones are created, basically been given screen protection either hard glass or gorilla glass with different levels of protection. To be more leverage, you can add more screen protector as needed.


Do a proper refill when the battery still has a percentage of about 10-15%. Then, remove the charger when the battery is in full condition and try not to fall behind while you are sleeping, because this will actually make your smartphone more quickly damaged. Do not get over-charge! Simple, is not it? If the user to be negligent in paying attention to the way of recharging it will result in the battery drop so that the battery power will decrease even can be damaged.