Facts about Writing That Good for Your Health

There are some amazing facts about the greatness of writing for one’s health, not only for mental health but also our physical health. For you beginner writer, then to simplify it would be better if you write down your personal experience as a beginning. You can start to write down your vacation experience to Phoenix for example. Apart from that, there are so many health benefits that you can get by writing. Here are some of the reviews!

Humans Need to Pour the Idea
In writing, even if only a plan, one can pour out his idea. This can help us expel our aspirations or desires and make a person so low the potential stress, even more creative.

Expressing Written Feelings
Those who have space and time to write, the Texas psychologist James Pennebaker says that this can help them pour out their feelings and thoughts so they do not hold them in the heart. It is because if too long held, this can be a burden for a person’s body.

Helps Maintain Immunity
Writing as a means of releasing and expressing something can help us maintain immunity. Because it is launched from Elizabeth Street, those who survive in a painful situation and do not have the opportunity to vent properly can weaken their own immunity.