The Internet Service for Rural Area

Conventional cable internet services that are unlikely to be available in remote areas, make people in the region difficult to access the internet. Satellite broadband internet service is arguably a “savior” to them. The use of satellite also allows internet access to be faster. Download speed through this system has even reached 20 Mbps. In the United States, those working on farms and away from urban areas, on average tend to choose to use satellite-based internet services because cable internet services are no longer reliable. What do you expect from the internet pelosok presence?

In countries with scattered geography such as Indonesia, the satellite-based internet is a tantalizing hole. In addition, there is virtually no advantage gained from the construction of conventional broadband or fiber optic infrastructure in remote areas of Indonesia. The average population living in the area is scattered in various regions, and their consumption levels are low. Reflecting on the condition, the satellite-based internet is one way to provide decent internet access for them.

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